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No competitive NCCA cricket to be played this season – but counties are free to play friendly fixtures


The National Counties Cricket Association (NCCA) has announced that no competitive cricket will be played this season.

With the start of the domestic cricket season delayed owing to Covid-19, NCCA clubs were asked to vote to determine if any competitive cricket would take place.

Following the outcome of the vote, which favoured no competitive cricket, the NCCA board has made the decision to officially cancel any competitive cricket for this season, in line with the counties vote.

The NCCA has informed counties they are free to play friendly fixtures, with the host county having to advise the NCCA of any planned fixtures.

Shropshire County Cricket Club chairman John Hulme said: “It’s obviously disappointing, but it probably comes as no great surprise after the earlier cancellation of three-day Championship matches.

“People worked very hard behind the scenes to see if they could try and get some cricket on, but it’s not been possible.

“We are actively looking at the possibility of playing some cricket, whether it be inter-squad games after the success of last Sunday’s internal Twenty20 match at Whitchurch, while there is also the possibility of potentially playing some friendly fixtures.

“It’s ultimately the committee’s decision after we have discussed matters with John Abrahams, our Director of Cricket, but we are actively looking to see if we can get some cricket on for the players who have been extremely patient.”

Pictured: Whitchurch Cricket Club hosted an internal T20 fixture for the Shropshire squad last Sunday.